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Need For Speed Coming Fancied-Up To PC In March

Uncapped FPS and more

The PC version of the new Need for Speed [official site], named simply Need for Speed as if that won't get confusing with two dozen other games bearing the name Need for Speed, was delayed for our own good, we were told. While console versions launched in November, ours was pushed back to spring to add features like an uncapped framerate. Well, open up your pencil case and remove the highest FPS pen you have (I favour a 144fps thin-tip marker in blue, myself) and draw a circle around March 17th. That's when it's coming. Here, see the PC version in motion:

Yeah, that's pretty. I like the speed and the wet roads. I like that it has some colours, but it's a shame they're so desaturated - a rainy city can have a glorious, rich palette.

Developers Ghost Games say in a blog post that along with having an uncapped framerate (it'll run as fast as your PC can push it - the console versions are locked to 30fps), it'll have a manual transmission option for players who know what a car is (don't look at me), and support several steering wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. And the updates already released on consoles will be rolled in, of course.

Me, I'm excited to see the fun that uncapped framerate can stir up. I'm fascinated by people purring about a "buttery smooth" framerate, or "silky smooth", or a dozen other terms that make it sound like they can't decide whether they want to play the game, watch it, stroke it, eat it, or [make lie-down-kisses with -ed.] it. The language is so sensual! A slipping-the-black-riding-boots-off-the-firm-legs-of-a-chevalier-as-she-shivers-and-gasps-after-a-frantic-ride-through-the-storm framerate. I don't know, you lot. You're a funny bunch sometimes.

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The Need for Speed

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