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Never Forget: Infogrames' Greatest Hit

This is very, very, very old. That doesn't make it any less beautiful, or any less worth posting now. Infogrames: that's our world.

Well, was our world. Consider this official promotional song from way back when a perfect eulogy for the artist later known as Atari.

Altogether now: "Unreal Tournament / Test Drive / Survivor / Civilization / Superman saaaaaaaaves the nation..." And that's not all.

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And, of course, "phenomenal gameplay." I don't think there's anything on this Earth I'd enjoy so much as interviewing the lady who sung this song. What did she think the first time she saw those lyrics? Does she make a living performing other nightmarishly earnest corporate ditties? Can we hear them? Please?

Why don't all publishers do this? Whyyyyyyyyyy?

And if they did, internet, what would EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Rockstar et al's songs be like, eh?

Restored to the world's awareness today by Steve Gaynor.

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