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New fantasy ARPG Atlas Fallen looks like Diablo meets Monster Hunter

There's a lot of sand

One of the most traditonally epic trailers from the Gamescom-themed Opening Night Live tonight was for Atlas Fallen. It's a new fantasy action RPG, with super powers, set in a semi-open world. In what is becoming something of a theme for me tonight, however, the trailer doesn't really give much away about the game aside from the topline selling points. There is a tiny, teeny smattering of gameplay at the end, though. Big swords, big monsters, big magic, big sand. In another continuing theme from games revealed tonight, Atlas Fallen is out next year.

As you can see, this appears to be your post-apocalyptic world where humans are eking out a living among the ruins of their former civilisation. And sand. Lot of sand. This does provide the lady in the trailer something to surf down into battle, in a cool way, to protect a caravan travelling accross the desert. The voiceover gives a lot of talk of gods, sand, ruins, a shattered world, sand, stories, gods, and sand.

You can indeed sand surf in-game, and hunt monsters using shapeshifting weapons, playing co-op or solo. So that's the Monster Hunter part of my title bid covered, isn't it? For the other half, I'm citing the special magic atacks and the top-down ish angle of the gameplay, as well as, you know, the general look of the thing. I mean it's a fantasy ARPG, of course I'm going to mention Diablo. If Atlas Fallen does end up as a proper Diablike it'll be no bad thing, because these days the Diablo series isn't being that much of a Diablike.

Atlas Fallen is being developed by Deck 13, and published by Focus Entertainment (purveyors of such fine video games as A Plague Tale and Hardspace: Shipbreaker). If you've utterly fallen in love with the reveal trailer you can wishlist Atlas Fallen right this second on Steam before the release in 2023.

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Atlas Fallen

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