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New Tales From The Borderlands is coming October 21st

But will it have a big musical intro?

After being teased earlier this year, we got our first proper glimpse at Gearbox's New Tales From The Borderlands game this evening, courtesy of Geoffcom's Opening Night Live showcase. Heck, we even got a release date, and it's real soon - October 21st, folks, so mark your calendars. Let's watch that brand-new gameplay trailer, shall we?

Like the Telltale original, this is a standalone narrative-based game in the Borderverse, but you won't be continuing the adventures of Rhys and Fiona in this one. Instead, you'll be playing as three new characters in this "New" one - Anu, Octavio and Fran as they, and I quote, "face down a planetary invasion, battle vicious Vault monsters, dismantle cold-hearted capitalists and endeavour to change the world, maybe even save it!" All the basics, then.

Only this isn't being developed by Telltale. It's being made by Gearbox - you know, the makers of the mainline Borderlands games - so whether this nuTales will live up to the comic genius of the original remains to be seen. Personally, I'm just hoping they've remembered to put all their efforts into making a cracking opening sequence with a banging pop tune in tow. After all, can it really be a New Tales From The Borderlands game without one?

At least we don't have to wait long until we find out, as New Tales From The Borderlands is hitting PC (and all them consoles) on October 21st, making it one of the increasingly few games that's actually coming out this year.

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New Tales from the Borderlands

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