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New Titanfall Trailers Take Cues From Star Citizen

As seen on TV

Is your game about colossal, god-stomping futuristic machines of destruction most profound? Then make a soothingly voiced "commercial" about them. That seems to be the conventional wisdom of our time, at least if Star Citizen and now Titanfall are anything to go on. It's a clever tactic, but especially in Titanfall's case, it also leads to some weird subtext. "Military grade ultra-weapons," it essentially says in a disarmingly calm growl. "Friends and inspirations to us all and also waterfalls for some reason!" But hey, there's game/weapon marketing for you. Titanfall really does continue to look utterly smashing, though.

So we've got the big, trundling rhino mech who can tank for both other mechs and - in yet another intriguing instance of mech/infantry synergy - all-too-squishy ground troops, and its polar opposite: the fastest largely synthetic creature this side of a doped up Tour De France competitor.

Both look quite capable in their own rights, though they're obviously pretty basic mech archetypes in the grand scheme of things. Maybe we'll see some more unique mech classes in the future? Here's hoping.

Titanfall will be out in March of next year. Though it's an Xbox exclusive on the console side of things, it won't suffer any sort of delay on PC, nor will it require Windows 8.

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