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New World Briar Branches: where to find Briars in New World

Briar is also a source of Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly Bait

Where can you find Briar Branches in New World? Harvesting from Briar bushes in New World can yield a number of different resources including Briar Branches, which are needed to complete the Windsward quests No Confidence Stew or A Prickly Request, as well as being useful for crafting. But with so much greenery around the isle of Aeternum, sticking your face into every shrub to see if it's the one you're looking for is a time-consuming prospect. On this page, we save you (at least some of) the trouble by explaining where you can find Briars in New World.

Where to find Briars in New World

The first bit of good news is that you shouldn't need to travel a great distance to find Briars, as they can be found in the Windsward region where you pick up the quest.

The second bit of good news is that you can narrow your search down to the riverbanks in the first instance, since Briars are greatly more likely to be found there than anywhere else on the map. They also have a lesser but still significant chance of turning up in grassy fields near to waterways, so by all means have a check if there's grassland on your way to the river. Briars are only very rarely found in forests, though, so don't waste your time searching there.

A New World character standing beside a briar bush, with the interaction to collect briar branches on-screen.

It can be difficult to pick out one New World plant based on its appearance alone, but you can identify Briar by its thorny, tangled appearance and dark branches visible through sparse leaves. In addition to Briar Branches you can harvest this plant for Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly Bait (the latter of which increases your chances of catching better fish in fresh water).

That's it for Briar Branches, but we have plenty of other New World resource guides you might be interested in, from hemp and fibre to turkeys and even the ever-useful iron (which is always useful for crafting weapons and armor). Or, if you're looking for more of an overview, check out our beginners' tips and tricks guide to New World, or see our suggestions for the best character builds you can put together.

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