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New World Hemp locations: how to get Fiber in New World

How to obtain Fiber from Hemp Plants in New World

Not sure how to get Fiber or Hemp in New World? Don't worry, it seems to be a common stumbling block for new players. New World has a fairly good on-boarding process (as you'd hope from an MMO), but there's still a lot it doesn't teach you - such as where to go to find Hemp plants from which you can gather Fiber, a material used in the crafting of all sorts of useful items.

Learn how to get Fiber in New World with the below map of Hemp plant locations, and all the things you can make with Fibers, from clothing to Fishing Poles.

How to get Fiber in New World

To get Fiber, you'll need to harvest it from Hemp plants. Hemp plants are found all across Aeturnum in two biomes: Forest, and Grassland. Hemp Plants are tall plants with purple flowers atop each stem, as you can see from the image above.

In order to harvest Fiber from Hemp plants you'll need a Harvesting Sickle of some sort. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy to make one: all you need to craft one at a campfire is 1 Green Wood and 1 Flint, both of which you can collect in the starting area around Monarch's Bluffs Watchtower. It's also worth noting at this point that putting enough points into the Intelligence attribute will increase your harvesting speed with the Sickle.

Fibers are another useful crafting resource which you can refine into Cloth for clothing and armour. It's also used to create your very first Wooden Fishing Pole. You'll need Fibers from Level 1 all the way up to New World's level cap and endgame content, so no matter how sophisticated your New World leveling strategies you'll still have a need for Fibers at any stage of the game.

If you're new to New World, be sure to check out our New World tips and tricks page to help answer your questions and get you started!

New World Hemp locations

If you want to go out in search of Hemp on your own, then open up the in-game map and click on Resource Locations on the left. There you'll see what the different biomes look like on the map. Look for areas of Forest and Grassland and search around, and you're likely to stumble across some Hemp soon enough.

Yeah, yeah, I know: who has time to go off blindly searching for Hemp across the entirety of the New World map, when you can just look up all the Hemp locations here? Feel free to consult the below map of Hemp locations, which was taken from this online interactive New World map:

A map of all Hemp plant locations in New World.

Clearly there are a lot of areas of the map that are quite Hemp-free, but equally several areas which are incredibly Hemp-dense. I'd recommend you set up Camp close to one of these areas to get easy access to more Hemp than you can carry.

Now you're furnished with all the information you need to go off gathering Hemp and Fibers for all your needs, but New World is packed full of other resources. Sticking with the theme of flora, there's briar branches and fronded petalcaps to collect, but there's plenty of fauna out there too, ranging from turkeys to tadpoles. If you're just starting out in New World, have a look at our best character builds guide to help you put together a build that suits your playstyle, or see our tier list of the best New World weapons.

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