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New World turns wealth and character transfers back on

And bans players who exploited bugs

New World turned off wealth transfers last week to stop a coin duplication exploit.

Now its developers say they've turned wealth transfers back on and "permanently banned players who exploited the Coin/Item dupe issue," among many other updates.

Let's start with character transfers. Introduced as a way to ease player wait times when joining busy servers, character transfers were quickly switched off due to a gold duplication bug. After a couple of weeks, they're back on again now.

Gold duplication bugs and exploits continued to pop up in other places, however, prompting wealth transfers to be turned off completely as a short term fix. Amazon then released a fix which, hey, inadvertently caused another coin duplication bug.

"We addressed this as well in our next hot fix, where we re-enabled trading and company transactions, as well as remove any duped Coin from companies who exploited the issue (or accidentally triggered it). We are able to track how much coin was received from exploitive behavior, and will investigate and take remediation steps against companies that have egregiously exploited this," says the full post covering the changes.

The post also says that their latest patch implements changes designed to cut down on the amount of chat spam from players offering to sell gold in-game. Those include requiring an account to be 72 hours old before it can trade gold, banning a bunch of users and bots reported for spam, and redistributing coin rewards from some early quests to later in the main story.

Other than these bugs and exploits, Amazon say they're happy with how the economy is operating, saying that it's "performing within acceptable levels." They do have some concerns that the amount of surplus gold generated by players lessens as they reach the endgame, which means "as more players get to level 60, this will start to put more pressure on the economy."

"Players are consistently generating a positive gold balance every day, but there is a downward trend. If this trend continues and we get closer to a negative in-out, we will take action. Our goal isn’t to drive this value to zero, or make it so no one can amass wealth. We want to ensure that overall gold balance per server stays in-check, so coin remains important," they say.

If you're interested in how else New World has changed with recent updates, or just in how much milk and honey are in the game, the full post is worth a read.

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