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New World's new patch targets gold sellers and item duping

Plus a dev blog talks about many common concerns

A new update hit New World today, aimed partially at cracking down on gold sellers and exploits used to duplicate items and cash. Amazon say they've banned many players who were spamming chat advertising their illicit services. They also blasted a blog post talking about many of the issues concerning players, explaining things, detailing plans for fixes, and other welcome news.

Update 1.0.5 launched today. It adds restrictions around coins to make gold selling more of a nuisance, stopping new characters from trading for a while and cutting of easy cash farms by shuffling some rewards from early in the main quest storyline to later. They say they've banned and suspended many accounts reported for spamming chat.

As for duping, yup, they say they've fixed bugs that let players duplicate items and gold.

The patch tweaks balance and fixes other bugs and things too, mind. Not all about baddies. See the Update 1.0.5 notes for everything.

Fingers crossed those bans stick. Many players have reported in the past week that wrong'uns have been able to easily dodge bans using Steam Family Sharing. The account which owned the game wasn't banned, only the throwaway account which gained access through Family Sharing, so people only needed to buy the game once to keep create more accounts after they were banned. Amazon had said they were aware of this but it might take time. They haven't specifically announced that they resolved that, but some report that they're now cracking down on it.

The developers have addressed many common concerns in a new dev blog too. They chat about full servers, the state of the economy and plans for future tweaks, concerns about players weaponising behaviour reports to disable enemies during wars, the difficulty of invasions, uncertainty about how Luck works, and security speculation about whether clients or the server have authority over what actually happens in the game. Lots of words on each topic. Well worth a read for New Worlders.

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