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Newegg's WD SSD sale has loads of Amazon-beating deals

Everyone loves a good SSD deal, and Newegg have some pretty good savings on a bunch of WD Blue and Black drives at the moment, beating the prices you'll find over at Amazon. Top of the list is the excellent WD Blue 3D NAND SSD, whose 500GB model is down to $60 at the moment thanks to a handy promo code, and the 5TB WD Black P10, which can currently be had for a new low of $115 thanks to another promo code. That's not all that's on offer, though, so read on for even more WD storage deals.

To get the WD Blue 3D NAND at its deal price, you'll need to enter the promo code EMCDNFP63 at checkout, which shaves another $5 off its current price of $65. This makes it a much better buy than the 250GB model, which is currently $50 and isn't part of today's promo code offer, and it also beats what you'll pay for the 500GB model at Amazon US, too, which is also $65 right now.

Newegg have also sliced $40 off the price of the WD Blue 3D NAND's 1TB model as well today without the need for a promo code, taking it down to $120. Technically, you can save another $5 by buying it from a third party seller over at Amazon for $115, but the seller in question isn't fulfilled by Amazon if something goes wrong, so you may feel like spending the extra $5 to have it sold and dispatched by Newegg is worth the extra peace of mind in this case.

If it's a truly massive SSD you're after, though, then you can get the 2TB WD Blue 3D NAND for $230 at Newegg right now, too, which is $30 cheaper than normal. This is the same price as what you'll find over on Amazon, but Newegg still has the better deal overall thanks to the fact they're throwing in a free 120GB WD Green SSD with it as well. Admittedly, the WD Green isn't nearly as fast as the Blue (I have one myself and its random read and write times leave a lot to be desired compared to the Blue 3D NAND), but it gets the job done. Besides, it also means you can free up your Blue for all those games you're planning to play, and keep the Green for Windows. The same thing applies to the top 4TB model as well.

A less enticing but still Amazon-beating deal is on the superb WD Blue SN550, whose 500GB model has $2 shaved off its usual price right now, taking it down to $58. You'll need to use the promo code 93XPN52 to take advantage of it, mind, otherwise it will cost an identical $60 to what you'll find on Amazon. Still, it's a better buy than the 250GB model right now, as that still costs $55 regardless of whether you buy it from Newegg or Amazon.

It's a similar picture with the 500GB WD Black SN750 as well, which is currently down to $70 at Amazon and Newegg compared to the 250GB's price of $63. The 500GB model has been $70 plenty of times before in recent months, but it does tend to yo-yo up and down quite a bit according to my Amazon price tracker, veering between its current (and all-time) low price of $70 and a much less appealing $80. As a result, it's still a good time to buy the 500GB Black SN750, even if it's become quite common in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, there's that aforementioned deal on the 5TB WD Black P10, their jumbo external hard drive. While Amazon technically have it cheaper at $127, Newegg's EMCDNFP53 promo code slashes another $15 off it when you get to checkout, taking this $130 drive down to just $115 - which is actually cheaper than the 4TB model right now.

If that's a bit beyond your price range, you can also get the 2TB model for $70 right now using the promo code EMCDNFP28, which slashes $20 off its price to match Amazon's current deal on the same size capacity.

All in all, a very good set of deals for those after some more storage for their PC. Alternatively, if you'd rather get a drive from Samsung or Crucial, have a read of our regularly updated SSD deals hubs for all the latest prices on our best SSD for gaming recommendations.

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