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Next Car Game Crashes Kickstarter

I've got a crash on you.

BugBear's Next Car Game is the spiritual successor to their FlatOut series. And by that I mean it's covered in ectoplasm and knocking on the pipes and oh no it's grabbed television's Sarah Greene! But in another sense this is the game they've always wanted to make. One which conveys everything they've learned and put into their car crashing racing games, but in a new engine and without the FlatOut name. Up until a few days ago, the team had been attempting to fund it through their own pre-order website in a scheme that seemed like the spiritual successor to Kickstarter, but now they've moved onto an actual Kickstarter. Pitch is below.

It looks like a fun game: mashed-up cars, plenty of customisation, and lots and lots of crashing. But the previous pre-order site is now gone, vanishing like Slimer through a hotel wall, which is actually annoying as I can't compare the Kickstarter rewards to what they were initially offering, and I can't see how much money they took in before everything was moved over to the daddy of crowd-funding sites.

They've been live for a few days and only taken in about $20,000 of a $350,000 goal. What's going on there, then? Kickstarter fatigue? Was it not widely known? Are people just not fussed with the game?

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