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Nexus Mod Manager Now Supports Fallout 4 Tweaks

At least someone will fix Fallout

Fallout 4's been out for a week, which means we're fast approaching the time where you stop playing Bethesda's weirdly-unconcerned-parent simulator and start playing "Hm...how many mods can I install on this game before my computer lights on fire?"

Facilitating that aim, Nexus Mod Manager—everyone's favorite way to fix Bethesda Jank™—now supports Fallout 4.

Via Nexus's Dave Talamas: "This is a preliminary release that may have some wrinkles to iron out, but internal testing has gone smoothly. Even fancy scripted installers should work, though we haven’t had a chance to test them thoroughly yet as there's no mods that use scripted installers out at this time."

You can find a full list of mods at the official Fallout 4 Nexus page, and there's even a handy tutorial video if you're new to this whole song and dance:

It's early days for the Fallout 4 mod community, although we've already seen some pretty great projects. Like one that swaps mini-nukes with babies. Or this one that replaces the dialogue wheel with, you know, actual dialogue so you don't choose "Sarcasm" and then watch helplessly as your Vault Dweller punts a dog off a bridge. And don't forget Bilago's unofficial Configuration Tool, which allows you to turn off mouse acceleration and tweak the FOV without digging through .ini files like some sort of digital Indiana Jones.

Great changes, all around. Now let's hope someone fixes the game so John can be an unrepentant dick. In the game.

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