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Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 shows off a new nine minutes

Take a tour through the Barren Temple boss fight

Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139... is booting up in April, though you can take another gander at what it's got in store today. Square Enix have shared a new preview with some of the platforming, combat, and boss fights you'll be getting into in the upgraded version of the prequel to Nier: Automata.

In the new gameplay video you "follow the Young Protagonist as he navigates ancient puzzles, defeats Shades, and confronts mysterious, sentient cubes in this sacred place," Square Enix say. A good third of the video below is a look at the prettied up world of Replicant that you'll be visiting. It shows off the Barren Temple and surrounding town, complete with a good dose of sass from your sidekick the flying and talking book, Grimoire Weiss.

Replicant is the prequel to the much-liked Automata which RPS have judged one of the best RPGs on PC, even if it does defy that label a bit. The new gameplay video for Replicant shows off that same tendency to dance between bullet hell and RPG and whatever other genres Nier decides to try on.

"On first glance, this is an action-heavy sci-fi story about reclaiming earth from destructive robots," the hivemind says of Automata. "On second glance, it is something else entirely. On third glance, you will find a tin man with the name of a 17th century mathematician, and you will start to wonder how many more glances it will take to truly know what this game is doing."

You can find Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139... on Steam where it will be available on April 23rd.

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