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Night-time Story: The Curfew Less Wobbly

The Curfew's been in Beta for a few weeks now with all the four episodes running, but they've been a bit twitchy. However, as the end of its Beta approaches, it's basically in a good enough state for me to feel happy to link to it - which is pretty much what Curfewer in arms Simon Parkin said last night. As in, my saved game for the end of episode one works and I got all the way through it with only a couple of eyebrow raises. For those who the loading is still iffy - and it's always been fine for me - I'll say two things. Try loading it and leaving it running in a tab for a while, because I vaguely recall it having some streaming tech. Give the game a chance to get ahead, and it could be smoother. Secondly, they're planning a full 700Mb Download of it for September, which will obviously solve everything. What's the Curfew? Well, it's... oh, let's hand over to Simon's short description...

EDIT: But see the edits at the bottom of the post too...

The Curfew is the spiritual successor to Littleloud’s BAFTA-award winning adventure game, Bow Street Runner. It’s been written by my friend Kieron Gillen, commissioned by my friend Alice Taylor, had consultation from my friend Margaret Robertson, and is directed by my friend Darren Garrett. Also a bunch of super talented artists and coders at LL. Isn’t it awesome when you get to make something with/ for your friends?

The Curfew is a game about civil liberties. But it’s also about videogames, immigration, CCTV, police brutality, manipulation of the media and washing dirty windows for small favours. It’s game that uses live actors (including libertarian comedian Mark Thomas doing a worryingly convincing turn as a Fox News-esque anchor), which might make you think it’s a bit like Night Trap.

But it’s actually more like Broken Sword crossed with Big Brother in terms of its systems. It features a dynamic solution that shifts according to how you play the game. There’s no preset ‘right’ answer in the endgame, despite what many players may think from their first play. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll add that The Curfew is the only game I know of which features the phrase "shaved his balls". Like Simon, I hope you enjoy it. And I'll stress, the dynamic endings can terribly tricky and some are far easier to get than others. I tried to get the trickiest one, and despite having written the answers, I couldn't remember them well enough to pull it off.

More another time, I suspect. This whole experience has been interesting.

EDIT: Interesting and useful bug found by our Trollface in the thread. If your save disappears, you can go back to the save game screen and even if it says its empty, you can select it and load it. And - er - this appears to allow you to re-load and select another ending.

EDIT 2: Actually, it appears that it always gives you the bad endings at the moment. I'd save your save game before the choice until after Beta.

EDIT 3: And the good endings appear to be working now. Phew.

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