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Nioh 2's cat friends can destroy bosses

Look what the cat dragged in: easy mode

Even at the best of times, Nioh 2 remains a very difficult action-RPG. There's rarely any time for respite, as nasty demons will go out of their way to rip you to shreds. In this cruel, cruel world there is one beacon of hope, though. And it is cats. Rotund cats, that'll follow you around and smack enemies for you. Turns out, that if you surround yourself with three felines, you'll be totally unstoppable.

One player by the name of poslepoludyna couldn't beat the final boss on Way of the Demon difficulty (the equivalent of New Game+ 2). They were underlevelled and desperate for a way out. So, they summoned three cats to fight alongside them and, well, absolutely crushed the boss, "like it was nothing".

You can see the brave felines in action for yourself down below. Spoiler warning!

In Nioh 2, there's an item called the "Clay Bell of Reckoning". Give it a jingle and it'll summon a Scampuss - or "rolly-cat" as I like to call them - by your side. These cuties will roll alongside you for a while, and aggressively bump into anything that stands in your way.

On their lonesome, these cats aren't exactly anything special. They'll do a bit of "ki damage", and barely dent an enemy's purple ki bar. This is effectively a posture meter, so once it's reduced to zero an enemy will be briefly rendered vulnerable and unable to retaliate.

But in the footage, poslepoludyna calls upon a clutter of kitties at around the 38 second mark, highlighted by the high-pitched mews of the rolly-cats that appear by their side. And they go to work, dealing an extraordinary amount of ki damage. They simply do no give a toss, repeatedly throwing the themselves at the boss, and thunking its purple bar down at lightspeed.

This makes it far easier for poslepoludyna to get the boss to a vulnerable state, and unleash a world of hurt. Despite being severely underlevelled, the rolly-cats ensured it was largely a breeze.

Having struggled with a number of bosses in Nioh 2, I will be adopting this strategy moving forwards. I too, will be unbeatable.

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