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Nioh 2 on PC has an absurd Valve Helmet

An RGB samurai helmet. Imagine.

If you're dying for some historical demon hack & dodge 'em up action, good news. Nioh 2 has announced its PC launch date. As with the original Nioh, its sequel is officially coming to PC after its tour on the PlayStation box as Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition. You'll be able to nab it in February. If you do, you'll also become the proud owner of that there RGB helmet with a disproportionately large valve on the back. It is upsetting to behold.

If you're not familiar with Nioh and its sequel, they pretty comfortably fit the "souls-like" label though they do have their own twists. There's Amrita (souls) that your earn from killing enemies and drop on the ground if you die, at which point you're resurrected at the checkpoint shrines (bonfires). There's swords. There's dodging. There's biggo bosses. It's good fun and I quite liked the original. There are a couple new bits in Nioh 2. You're playing as a half human half yokai warrior who can transform into a special, powerful yokai form. Ah, and there's a character creator. I do enjoy a good face maker.

As for what's going to be special about the Complete Edition on PC, Koei Tecmo say it will support 4K resolutions, ultra-wide displays, HDR monitors, and 144Hz monitors. They say it will also have gamepad support and full compatibility and customisation for mouse & keyboard.

That last bit is important, as the launch version of Nioh was really lacking on mouse & keyboard support and remapping the controls on a gamepad was an annoyance too, mentioned in RPS's Nioh review alongside praise for pretty much everything else. It added mouse & keyboard support a few weeks after launch, but it's nice to hear Nioh 2 won't have the same wait. It was a real personal grievance for me, clearly.

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition will include the game's three DLCs. You can snag it over on Steam when it launches on February 5, 2021 for £50/€60/$50.

It will also have that special Steam-exclusive Valve Helmet. It is an affront to the eyes but hey, they clearly are committed to mouse & keyboard support, huh?

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