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Nioh 2 trailer shows off PC features for February launch

Input customisation thank goodness

Souls-ish action RPG Nioh 2 is just around the corner for us PC folks after its original launch on PlayStation boxes last year. The original Nioh was quite a lot of fun, but the features and options on PC were pretty undercooked. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja seem committed to coming out on PC strong with the sequel and have put out a shiny new trailer showing what Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition will bring to PC.

Koei Tecmo had already outlined most of these PC features previously, but the trailer gives a proper look at things like HDR support and widescreen display support. Most importantly, and yes, I'm going to harp on it again, they show off the menu for customising inputs.

The original Nioh didn't have mouse and keyboard support when it launched, which seemed like a real miss. I prefer to play with a gamepad, but even customising those controls was a real pain in the rear when Nioh first landed. In a fast-paced game like Nioh, remapping the controls to fit your existing muscle memory is a must. I simply cannot have dodging mapped to the wrong button, alright?

I've got high hopes that Koei Tecmo's apparent focus on PC features for the Nioh 2 - Complete Edition means that players on either input type will have a better time off the bat. The original was a real fun time, even in spite of my complaints about the PC support. RPS's Nioh review is generally of a similar mind. I hope I'll be able to recommend the sequel without that caveat.

By the by, Nioh 2's PC version comes with this ridiculous Valve helmet that you can slap on your yokai in game. I am going to wear that horrendous PC helmet without shame.

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition is launching February 5th over on Steam for £50/€60/$50. It will include the three DLCs that were released for Nioh 2.

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