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Nioh is free to keep from the Epic Games Store right now

And there are discounts in the September sale

Samurai yokai battler Nioh is free to download and keep from now until September 16th via the Epic Games Store. It's the latest in Epic's endless line of freebies, but if you're desperate to pay some money for a game, there's also a big September Savings sale underway.

Among the discounted games is Nioh's sequel, Nioh 2, which is 20% off at £40, but there are deeper discounts within. Hitman 3 is half price at £25, Grant Theft Auto 5 is £12.49, and Borderlands 3 is 67% off at £16.49. You can find all the deals at the link above.

Comparing games to Dark Souls has become a terrible games media cliché, but sometimes it's true. Nioh is Dark Souls meets Sengoku period Japan, with many overlapping systems, but it's substantially different in lots of ways, too.

"The masses of loot initially seem like the biggest difference between this and a From Software game, and could kid you into thinking Nioh is a game about raising stats above all else, but it's not," wrote Adam in his Nioh review back in 2017. "That's a small part of it. Really, it's a game about raising your own level and mastering one of the finest combat systems ever put on a screen. It might be standing on the shoulders of Souls, but it's got its eyes on a very different destination."

Ed liked the sequel a lot in his Nioh 2 review when it came to PC earlier this year, similarly praising its "crunchy, combo-laden combat."

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