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No Fluff: Quantum Conundrum's Interdimensional DLC

In the beginning, there was Quantum Conundrum, and it was... pretty decent, with occasional flashes of both brilliance and dimension-shattering frustration. However, in this era where games no longer come on tapes or frisbees, they are capable of producing new content from thin air - like a magician bending the fabric of reality to produce a bunny. And while Quantum Conundrum's DLC won't have any bunnies (that I know of), one of the two announced mini-expansions will center around Ike, who is somewhat bunny-like in stature. Meanwhile, the other pack, The Desmond Debacle, will be led by a drinking bird and feature "hours" of puzzle-solving. Beforehand, however, you'll have to strain your brain to solve the diabolical Should-You-Buy-It Conundrum. Perhaps I can help you with that.

The Desmond Debacle, as it turns out, is right around the corner. It's got a July 31st launch in its sights and a $2.99 price tag arguing its case quite loudly. As far as content goes, however, it sounds like a thinly veiled puzzle pack - for better or worse. Square's describing it as "a brand new adventure deep in an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor" that sees "old friend Desmond, the drinking bird, offer up even more brain-twisting and complex puzzles for hours of inter-dimensional puzzle solving." Which is, of course, a horrible deal - given that the competition's now offering DLC with years, centuries, and millennia of inter-dimensional puzzle solving.

The wonderfully titled IKE-aramba add-on, meanwhile, opens up yet another undiscovered wing of Quadwrangle Manor (talk about greed, right? Starving children in Africa could eat those rooms) for Ike to get lost in. Apparently, we'll "leap seemingly endless chasms" in our bid to rescue him and his shockingly durable nametag. It'll also run you $2.99 when it drops at the end of August.

So then, we're certainly looking at more, but will it be bigger or better? More challenging? Less? Here's hoping Airtight used what little time it had between finishing the main game and designing these puzzles to really take a step back and figure out where Quantum Conundrum didn't quite stick its landing. Otherwise, I can't promise Ike's safe return. Largely because I'll probably die a bunch, get angry, and give up.

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