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No Man’s Sky pilot offers 200 million spacebucks for 'missing' ship

Ship happens

A pilot in planet-hopping space sim No Man’s Sky is offering a big reward to the first person who finds a specific ship and sends them the co-ordinates. The reward is 200 million units for a ship that looks like this, according to a bounty posted on Reddit by player "Avaslash". There’s also a “possible bonus” of 20 million spacequid if it has the exact bits and bobs laid out in the bounty, and a further 50 million bonus for anyone who finds the ship within 2 weeks. The ship-seeker is willing to pay so much because the recent update to the rock-lasering sci-fi game messed up their favourite spacecraft. And they want it back.

The recent Next update refreshes everything, you see. When you log in for the first time post-Next, a message reads: “The universe has been regenerated to make room for various changes and features being added.” That’s why the planet you are on might have changed, along with any lifeforms on the surface, and your exact location.

But it sometimes also changes your ship, as some players have noticed. Which is what happened to Avaslash. Their interstellar vehicle transmogrified from a snub-nosed dropship to a bendy space duck, as you can see from these screenshots of the player’s ship before and after the Next update.

The pilot prefers the old design.

“I want it back and am actively searching for something that looks like it,” they say later in the post. “But I can only visit so many stars in a day. If other people are keeping an eye out for it, it increases the chances of it being found.

“And it doesn't have to be exactly the same. I’m okay with some variation. As long as it has the downwards pointing cockpit, long tail, and blade wings while being black yellow and white then I am fine with it.”

As for offering such a big amount of stellar moolah, Avaslash basically says: why not?

“I have more money in game than I know what to do with and this seemed like a good use for it.”

Although that money can’t be transferred directly, players can give items of value to one another. The bounty hunter who finds this ship (or one close enough to the original’s specs) stands to receive a lot of freighter fuel, which they can sell for themselves. Although there will be a process of verifying that the ship in question is up to Avaslash’s standards.

“If your screenshots are to be believed then I will give you a 25 million down payment as a gesture of good will. We will travel to the system where you found it, locate a trading station, and when we see one like it land, I will transfer the remaining 175,000,000 units to you (through items of equivalent value such as freighter fuel)."

Our John found the Next update only made things more frustrating. But that doesn't seem to be the problem for Avaslash.

“I really just want my ship back. I'm not trying to scam anyone. I have no problem paying out the nose for it.”

Thanks to Alex Bee for the tip.

Disclosure: our Alec wrote a bit for an earlier version of No Man's Sky.

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