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No More Heroes 3 is shaking onto PC this October

Here's hoping they've sorted out those terrible performance issues

We already knew No More Heroes 3 was heading to PC this year, but now we finally know when: October 11th, according to new trailer from publisher XSEED. So pop it in your calendars, folks, and have watch of Travis Touchdown's latest zany adventure below.

No More Heroes 3 first launched on Nintendo Switch last year to reasonable acclaim, signalling a return to sword-slashing form for Grasshopper Manufacture's big bad slaying anime man after the middling Travis Strikes Again spin-off in 2019. Like the previous two main line games in the series, Travis is back trying to make his way to the top of the assassin leaderboard in NHM 3, taking out one boss after another with his flashy lightsaber. The only real blight on the game was its terrible performance issues outside its perfect, 60fps combat sections. Suda51 and his team clearly worked their socks off to make sure fights ran smoothly on the Switch, but man alive, its open-world, GTA-style city sections... Oofta. Painful, I tell ya, painful.

So here's hoping the PC version doesn't suffer the same fate. Publisher XSEED do mention "improved HD visuals and framerates, along with faster loading times" in the blurb of their release date announcement trailer on YouTube, although most of the trailer focuses, understandbly, on the flashy fights and cutscenes rather than the city, making it hard to tell exactly if or how it's been improved.

Still, it's good to see No More Heroes getting more love on PC. While Ed wasn't particularly enamoured with last year's HD remaster of the first game in his No More Heroes review, I remember the original Wii version fondly when I first played it 15 years ago (lawd). In fairness, a big part of why the PC version didn't quite land with Ed was precisely because it didn't have those classic Wii waggle controls. That, and it's fundamentally quite a basic port of a game that was made in the mid to late 00s.

As a lover of good boss gauntlet games, though (which No More Heroes definitely is), I'm excited to play No More Heroes 3 in a version that's hopefully more fit for public consumption. Come on, XSEED, don't let me down.

At the moment, only Steam and Microsoft Store versions of No More Heroes 3 are confirmed for PC (as well as your PlayStations and Xboxes), but store pages don't seem to be live just yet. Still, plenty of time to go before launch day on October 11th, eh?

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