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No Nauts: XenoSquad

They're coming out of the great steaming vents in the floor! They're waiting around every corner, scuttling in the shadows! They're standing nonchalantly in the middle of empty rooms waiting until we open the door. 'They' are the assorted xenonasties that must be xenocided by your XenoSquad in XenoSquad. XENO. Free, turn-based tactics, aliens exploding into meaty chunks. All these things and not a great deal more! But who needs more? Play it here.

I like finding turn-based games that sit comfortably in my browser. There's not a great deal to XenoSquad, but if you're anything like me, the phrase 'turn-based tactics' made you click the link already and you're not even reading this because you're already playing the game.

The phrase was actually slightly deceptive because XenoSquad starts to play out more and more like a puzzle game. A puzzle-tactics game. Good for whiling away a half hour or so on a slow afternoon, even if everything is a bit too small to read properly. Bring a magnifying glass.

The main reason I'm posting this is because it brought about severe Incubation flashbacks, which first of all made me happily think of Battle Isle, and then put this tune into my head.

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IN-CU-BA-TION! I'm pretty sure I used to think that was awesome. It isn't awesome, is it?

Via Jayisgames. Not the Incubation song though. That one's all on me.

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