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No News: Tomb Raider: The New One

Sorry good readers, I have no news about that new Tomb Raider game. I was hoping to share some useful information about the game, but all I have is a 12 minute making of behind the scenes of the CGI trailer. Wait, what?

Yes, we're at the boring stage of their PR schedule where they definitely want us to be talking about the game, but aren't quite ready to show it to us yet. There's lots of talk about partnerships and "bringing Lara to the next level", so if you're a fan of not actually finding anything out you won't want to miss this.

We all know the importance of an E3 trailer. Many times over the years, I've been unimpressed with a game, until I remember that the game had a very good looking CGI trailer at E3, and instantly I find myself enjoying the game more.

Why stop here though? I'd love to see the making of behind the scenes of the Crystal Dynamics tea run.

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