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No-One Can Hear You Scheme: Mush

It's very goo-ed.

I was on a bus the other day when an old man sneezed, so I know just how the poor people in the newly launched browser multiplayer game Mush musht* feel. They're humanity's last, best hope for survival. A 16-person ship traveling through space, fending off attacks, trying keep sane and safe. On top of the typical space trouble is a very particular problem: two of the team members on board have been infected with a deadly spore, and the infected pair will do whatever it takes to turn the people on board into...

... mush. You probably got that, but the suspense is justified. Mush is a nasty, nasty game. Friends and acquaintances can suddenly become raging, monstrous alien shape shifters who are in a confined space with you. While they're working together, in a private chatroom, the rest of the ship is trying to survive for long enough to unmask the killers.

It's actually a neat simulation of a spaceship: each character has a specific role, and the ship's functions break down and need to be prioritised and repaired. With every action on board needing both Action and Movement points, it's a terrifying balancing act to keep everything in good shape. Particularly while the Mush are lurking.

It's from the makers of Die2Nite, which Quinns loved. I had a brief play on the beta and forgot to tell everyone how good it was, but it's going live today so you can totally find out for yourselves.

*deal with it.

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