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Yesssss: No One Lives Forever Finally Getting Re-Released

Hurrah yes oh goodness gracious yay

Yes yes yes thank goodness hooray finally oh gosh woooo wheeeee yeah excellent fantastic wonderful groovy there should be a parade.

No One Lives Forever, the excellent tongue-in-cheek spy series from Monolith whose rights mysteriously went missing, is very likely about to get an online re-release. Finally. So, where in the world has Carmen Sandiego Cate Archer been hiding all this time? Well, it looks like Night Dive Studios - they of the System Shock 2 and Humongous Entertainment re-releases - got ahold of the series, though they're not committing to anything just yet.

Siliconera discovered that Night Dive has filed trademarks for No One Lives Forever, The Operative, Contract J.A.C.K., and A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way, which seems to suggest it also has the rights to back up those trademarks. Night Dive itself isn't quite ready to discuss future plans, but things sound damn promising:

“At this time we are unable to comment on future plans. I would like to add that our team has a great fondness for these games and our hope is that they will one day be re-released.”

Given that they're currently in the process of taking steps to make it happen, I imagine that day will come sooner rather than later. Night Dive is a young company, but its track record is solid. So now, hopefully, all that's left to do is wait. And then? Well, speaking personally, I plan to install NOLF and NOLF 2 on so many things. I wonder if GOG will work with my toaster.

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