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No The Witcher 2 WIT Today

Why not? Well, I'm afraid our code only unlocked at midday yesterday, and I'm not going to rush this for anyone. We'd been told to expect to get the game last week, but CD Projekt later insisted that RPS, Eurogamer, and a number of other online outlets wait for their day zero patch, which they completed on Sunday. You will see some print magazine reviews go up today, these are based on early code which CDP described to us as "outdated". We'll be reviewing what you'll actually be playing this week. I have some early thoughts below, and will follow with further impressions and then a full WIT later in the week.

Firstly: Hooray! Two of things we complained about from the previews of the game have been fixed. There are extensive graphics options to choose from before the game launches (and I would argue that the auto-detect is a little pessimistic, so it's worth having a fiddle) although I am not sure turning off motion-blur actually worked, as there is definitely still some blur in there.

Also I can't, for reasons obscure, figure out how to invert the mouse. I might just be being slow.

Secondly: despite that day zero patch I've encountered a minor scripting bug already. Well, I say minor, it broke the game but reloading a couple of times helped me to get past it, after a fashion. It still didn't seem quite right, but since I'd already played that in the extensive preview of the game we did, it wasn't too bad. Nevertheless I suspect we are in for more patching in the coming weeks.

Thirdly: I am enjoying the hell out of this a second time (actually third, given that I hit that first ten hours a couple of times) and I can't wait to get deeper into the game. I feel like I've begun to master the sword combat, so I am rolling about and stabbing people in the chest with some glee. Also I've finally updated my graphics card, so it's pretty smooth even at the highest settings. Oh, you should see some of the environments!

Christ, why I am sat here typing this nonsense? BACK TO THE GAME.

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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