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No, THIS Is A Tank: End Of Nations

I like playing the game: Guess The Genre From The Title. Although sometimes it's just too easy. The freshly announced End Of Nations is an real-time strategy purely by its having three words in its title, one of them being "Of". If it were called "Nations' End", then it would be a much harder round. That could be almost anything. But shock twist! It's an MMO too. And you were so smug about it, too.

Pleasingly topical, the story is triggered by the economic collapse in the early 21st century, bearing a new organisation to rise up against the ensuing anarchy, the Order Of Nations. But they're not very nice. Which means it's time for revolution. And some really big tanks.

The CGI trailer below clearly doesn't indicate any potential game content, but it does have one bloody huge tank taller than buildings. And suggests the game will take over all over the planet in real-world settings. And it's a persistent real world, with at least 51 players all working together (apparently) on one map to defeat this evil Order, amongst thousands of players on a server. You have a Commander, build your troops, and fight the good, rebellious fight. From this it suggests an MMO where everyone is on the same side, which is a nice idea. Oh, that and it's an RTS MMO, which is a genre blur that's yet to be done successfully (unless I'm forgetting something obvious - like I have the faintest clue about RTS games).

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The Trion Worlds game is due some time next year, published by Petroglyph. It seems Trion have been working on three MMOs at once, for four years, having raised $100m with which to do it. The other announced game is Rift: Planes Of Telara, which you've likely seen advertised everywhere you've been on the internet, with a third Syfy-related project to come.

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