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Noita is a roguelite that physically simulates everything

Elemental magic

Just the other day, I was complaining that there aren't enough games with awesome fluid physics. Imagine, I shouted to a pub full of strangers, imagine if somebody took all the lovely fluid physics from Pixeljunk Shooter and stuffed them into a procedurally generated roguelike.

Well, Olli Harjola the creator of clever clone-wrangler The Swapper must have been in that pub because today he sent along news of Noita [official site], a procedurally generated roguelike in which "every pixel is physically simulated". It looks absolutely fantastic, as you'll see below.

It's hard to describe how pleased I was when I watched that trailer. At first I figured it was a puzzle-platformer with some mostly-scripted physics sequences because I didn't really believe that every pixel would be physically simulated. And then that bit with the big tank of green liquid happened and I paused, read the press release, then watched the trailer from the beginning again.

I find this sort of tech usage far more exciting than all the powerful code-crunching in massive open world games. When I wrote about the old Bullfrog game Flood recently, I suggested that its watery mechanic blended with Spelunky would probably be one of my favourite games. I didn't know Noita existed at the time, and now I'm extremely excited to see more.

This is a reveal trailer so we might be waiting a while for more details and I'm going to find it hard to pass the days until a playable version is in my hands, but I think it's OK to get excited so let's all get excited together. Yay!

Olli is working with Petri Purho, developer of Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Arvi 'Hempuli' Teikari who made the lovely Environmental Station Alpha.

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