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Nope, Ubisoft are not making a Blade game

A rumour that barely lasted for 24 hours

I love it when a bit of internet rumour mongering gets instantly squashed by the powers that be, don't you? This time, it's in relation to a Blade game that Ubisoft are definitely not making. Rumours started circulating online yesterday when a YouTuber posted a video speculating about what possible games will be shown at the Disney and Marvel games showcase taking place next month. Ubisoft making a game based on Marvel's sword-wielding vampire Blade was one of them, and because the internet is the internet, everyone went wild. Today, though, Ubisoft have already killed the rumour dead in a single tweet.

The initial video by YouTuber JorRaptor wasn't just pulling stuff out of thin air, mind. From the looks of things, it all stems back to a three-week old Instagram post from actor Edwin Gaffney, who posted a picture of himself and fellow actor Alex Martin in mocap suits holding what appears to be a sword. The caption reads:

"That’s a wrap! 🎬✨It is always a pleasure working on great projects but what makes it even better is working with great people! Thank you @alexmartin.am for the talent and energy you bring to the set you rock! 🤜🏾🤛🏾 #artist #action #actorslife #actor #mocap #performancecapture #acting #actinglife #ubisoft #ubisoftgames"

There's also a second photo of them in that same post holding a clapperboard with "Marvel" written on it, as well as "B Tariq" listed as the director - which, on the face of it, could quite easily be read as Bassam Tariq, who is indeed set to direct the upcoming Blade film starring Mahershala Ali. Badda bing, badda boom, right?

Alas not. Ubisoft tweeted from their main account today saying, "Sorry to slice up the rumors, we're not making a Blade game".

Goodness knows what Gaffney's various Ubisoft tags were all about, then, but there you have it. Instead, it looks like the only Blade game we'll be playing any time soon is Marvel's Midnight Suns, which is being made by XCOM studio Firaxis and was recently delayed until early next year. The strategy RPG features a number of well-known Marvel supes, including Blade, who runs the Midnight Suns' gym / training grounds. He's a very capable fighter, too, and ended up becoming one of my favourites in my Marvel's Midnight Suns preview.

Who knows, maybe we'll still see something Blade-related at Disney and Marvel's showcase on September 9th, but it won't be anything Ubisoft are making.

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