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Bite your pal's face off in Normal Human Face Simulator

Perfectly normal

Let's be clear: Normal Human Face Simulator is not a game about eating your friend's face. No, that would be weird. In this new free local multiplayer game, after you've lunged forward, latched onto your mate's cheek with your teeth and gnawed down through the flesh to reveal the muscle then bone underneath, you let the strip of flesh fall from your teeth to the floor. You're simply trying to bite their face off while they try to bite your face off until one of you succumbs to bloodloss - a gesture of normal human friendship.

Made by Lingdong Huang, Normal Human Face Simulator is a simple and brutal local multiplayer game played on a shared keyboard. Each player uses two keys, one to hold and charge up a lunge and the other to mash and gnash. These funny little heads bob and charge and bite tear until one of you slumps backwards gushing blood. That's certainly what I'd expect if someone bit my normal human face off.

It is delightful and it is horrifying. Look at this awfulness:

In the early stages, before you've bitten off too much face, the skin floops and stretches like a deflated flesh balloon worn as a mask. Awful, and yet wonderful.

You can download Normal Human Face Simulator free for Windows and Mac from Itch.

If the name sounds familiar, you might be thinking of Regular Human Basketball, the totally conventional local multiplayer mechsport from Powerhoof, the makers of Crawl.

Ta to Paolo Pedercini for pointing this out.

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