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World War Weird: Call Of Cthulhu - The Wasted Land

Turn-based Lovecraft game set during World War I, with crumbling sanity for all concerned? Oh, be still my murmuring heart. Not entirely still, obviously, because that tends to make me go blue in the face and then die, but do slow down a little. Actually, no need to call the doctor at all because the game in question is a port of iOS title Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land and I've already poked my fingers into its trenches and tentacles. There's been at least one major update since I tinkered with it, but despite my initial attraction I did find the interface quite offputting. Hopefully that will be addressed when the tactical madness comes to PC on May 5th.

It's launching through the Intel AppUp service, which I should probably have known about before now but didn't. Unless I knew and forgot, perhaps pushing it from my mind because some things are not meant to be known. I do have a habit of mentally flinching whenever I'm required to use another layer of interference between myself and the games I'm trying to play.

Reservations aside, here's hoping that the game works well on PC because the theme is strong and I felt like I should have been having a much better time, as apparently plenty of other people were. The atmosphere is decent, the strategy has depth but a combination of clumsiness and a sense of brevity, preventing commitment to the characters, left me a little cold. Although thankfully not blue in the face.

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Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land

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