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Not Gary: Numen: Contest Of Heroes

Blame information overload, but I initially passed over Numen: Contest Of Heroes largely on the basis that I assumed that we must have posted about a budget-priced fully-fledged action RPG from an indie studio, because that's just what we do. Turns out we actually haven't, and so I am compelled (COMPELLED!) to point you towards this Grecian micro-epic, even though it's a little wonky. I've had a bit of play of the opening part of the game, and I'm both impressed by some of its unique turns (such as the little campsites across the landscape, the selection of a class based on how you play) and disappointed by the clunky UI and dodgy regurgitation of so many grindy RPG mechanisms. Not that it isn't fun and even fairly pretty in places, but the beating on wolves and spiders that lurk just outside the village gates would make even MMOs from five years ago look a little red in the face. It looks like it escalates rather pleasingly, however, so for that price you're probably not going to curse it.

Oddly, the developer doesn't seem to have a link to the demo on their homepage, but it can be found on Steam. So that's that.

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