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Now you can check your Steam Deck's components without cracking it open

Cheers, Steam Deck client beta update

Another day, another handy update for Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC. This time, it’s a beta update that lets you peek inside your Deck without busting the device open. So if you were thinking of hanging your Steam Deck up like a piñata today and whacking it with a big stick to see what goodies are hiding in there, just grab the client beta update instead. You can opt in by heading to Settings, selecting System, and then the Steam Update Channel.

Persona 5 Royal is out on PC today, and Liam thinks it's an excellent fit for Steam Deck.

Once your Steam Deck’s updated, you’ll be able to check what components are in it by going to Model/Serial Numbers under the Hardware header in the System menu. In a post on Steam, Valve said this change lets you check the model and manufacturer of your Steam Deck’s components without having to open the thing up. If you're really into bypassing things, the update also lets you skip the Deck's startup movie by pressing B.

Valve gave the example of Steam Deck users using the component checker when they want to manage their own replacements, or repairs, for components such as thumbsticks. Sounds a bit fiddly. The component list won’t update if you change parts, and strictly reflects what was popped in when the Deck was originally put together. Valve also noted that current models of Steam Deck should be quieter than earlier versions thanks to an “engineered foam solution” on the backplate.

Recent Steam Deck’s client beta updates have added even longer custom boot videos to Valve’s handheld hardware, tripling the length of time you’ve got to shove in tributes to your favourite corners of pop culture. It’s probably useful then that you can now just buy a Steam Deck and dock without reserving one first, so you can save some more time. Something worth noting though is that Deck repair centres have opened up, in case you do manage to break something while fiddling about replacing components.

You can nab a Steam Deck from, where else, Steam. Models start at £350/$400/€420. If you’ve picked one up then have a read of James’ recommendations for the best microSD cards for Steam Deck.

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