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Octahedron's free Transfixed Edition upgrade now pumping

Beep boop bounce

Bouncy beat-booming platformer Octahedron has pump-pump-pump-pumped it up with the launch of its Transfixed Edition, a free update bringing to PC the features added in its Nintendo Switch release. These include an easy difficulty setting, medals for time trials as incentive to do jumping better, and more cheevos too. I've not played Octahedron but I know our Dave was a fan of bouncing around as a digifella who can create his own platforms while bopping to beats made on computers.

Mononymous creator Marco of one-man studio Demimonde says that parts of the Transfixed Edition have rolled out to PC over time, but it's officially complete and launched as of Friday. If you own Octahedron, congrats, you automatically have the Transfixed Edition too.

"I spend quite a bit of time chatting with players on Twitch, Twitter, Discord and the Steam forums, and I really wanted the Transfixed Edition to be the definitive version of Octahedron," mononymous creator Marco said. "So incorporating feedback and requests from the community was very important."

Transfixed Edition includes two time trial medals to chase on each level, an easy difficulty setting where you only take half damage (yes, you can convert an exist save to easy), a new graphics option to help slower systems, new achievements, and more. See the announcement for more details.

"What's amazing is that despite its dazzling splendour, it's a remarkably simple game to just pick up and play," Dave said last year "The levels are designed with a great deal of balance, and all the while the concepts are kept fresh and interesting."

Octahedron is half-price on Steam right now, down to .

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