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Oculus Quest 2's new 128GB version will sell for the same £299 base price

A new 128GB version will replace the base 64GB Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2's base model is getting multiplied by two this month. The former Quest 2 base model with 64GB of storage space is being discontinued and replaced with a 128GB version, as we'd previously heard. The good news is that Oculus will be selling the new basic tier device for the same base model $299 price tag, they've announced.

Oculus made a quick announcement today about the upcoming 128GB version, also confirming that they will be replacing the former 64GB one. The Quest 2 doesn't have expandable storage space, so getting a model with more internal storage is the only way to go if you find yourself needing more space.

It seems to be a pretty decent new deal for anyone considering getting a first VR headset. Katharine praised the initial run of the new headset in her Oculus Quest 2 review, calling it a great intro to VR even with the original 64GB storage space.

"While the Valve Index remains the pinnacle of PC-based VR headsets, offering a far sharper and smoother-looking picture and wider field of view in Half-Life: Alyx than the Quest 2 (if only because of the data compression limitations enforced by the USB cable), the Quest 2 is still an excellent headset for playing the best VR games on PC, and its lighter and more ergonomic design of Oculus' new headset means it's much more enjoyable to wear in the process," she says.

Just recently, Oculus halted sales of the Quest 2 as part of a recall due to skin irritation. They're offering a free silicone cover for the foam face plate. You can get the details on redeeming one for yourself on their website.

Oculus Quest 2's new 128GB version will sell for £299/$299 when it goes on sale on August 24th.

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