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Oculus Quest 2 is £50 off for Cyber Monday, down to £249

Save £50 on the headset, and get a £50 credit voucher

Rejoice, Oculus Quest 2 bargain hunters. The 128GB version of Oculus' standalone headset is now down to £249 for Cyber Monday, knocking £50 off the price of the headset. We've only spotted the deal at Amazon at the moment, but the good news is that they're still running the £50 / $50 credit voucher promo in additon to the headset saving, which means you save a total of £100 if you buy one today.

It's not yet clear whether other retailers will follow suit. Currys and GAME still have the 128GB model for the regular £299, and given it's already 3pm in the afternoon at time of writing, it seems unlikely that they'll drop their prices now. As such, if you want to take advantage of this £50 saving, you best get yourself over to Amazon before it disappears.

£249 is a fantastic price for the Oculus Quest 2. Not only is it a great wireless VR headset in its own right, but it also lets you play all the best PC VR games as well via a USB cable and its Oculus Link technology. It's the best of both worlds. Yes, it does require you to have a Facebook / Meta account in order to use it, but given the lack of deals on Valve's superior Index headset these days, the Quest 2 is a much better option for wired and wireless VR right now than any of HTC's Vive headsets.

Plus, if £50 off the cost of the headset wasn't enough, Amazon are still running their £50 credit voucher deal as well, giving you a total saving of £100. As we mentioned last week, Amazon's £50 credit deal is a bit different to the one you get buying direct from Oculus. Whereas Oculus give you £50 to spend on VR games in the Oculus Store when you buy a Quest 2, Amazon give you £50's worth of Amazon credit to spend on whatever you want - which is arguably a lot more useful if you've got your eye on a couple of other last minute Cyber Monday PC gaming deals if you ask me.

Black Friday is over but many of its best deals remain available on Cyber Monday, so check out our Cyber Monday deals hub for our curated picks of offers on all kinds of PC gaming hardware. We're also keeping track of the best Cyber Monday mouse and keyboard deals, the best Cyber Monday SSD deals, the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals and many more.

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