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Car Seat Cyberboogying: A Night At The Roculus

Virtual reality sit-down dancing

What is it about the Oculus Rift that inspires nostalgia for the '90s? Other than how that's the last time virtual reality was The Next Big Thing, of course. Earlier today we peeked at Pixel Rift, which larks about in simulated childhood, and now I'm seeing A Night at the Roculus travelling back in time to enjoy one of the era's most popular pastimes: rocking out in a horseless carriage. (No, it's inspired by a different Saturday Night Live skit). It's controlled by moving your head to dance along and score points. And what do points mean? Nostalgic references to '90s television game shows.

Wearing an Oculus Rift DK2 cyberhelmet (get out of here with your DK1, grandma), players will bust such iconic moves as the Nod, the Peck, and the Shrug in time to the beat and be judged.

And in the game.

While technoutopians gush over virtual reality as the future of vision itself (several over-enthusiastic sorts have already gouged out their own eyes, I hear), as someone whose peepers are too clever to fall for Rift's trickery, I am more excited by possibilities to help people enjoy being a playful public spectacle. Blindfold someone and have them do a silly dance? That's a classic, that.

A Night at the Roculus is a free download for Windows and Mac from its site. It's the work of Holden Link and Nic Vasconcello. Watch:

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