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Off-Road Velociraptor Safari - Kill Now!

We mentioned the daft and joyful preview video of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari a couple of weeks back. Well, it's arrived.

And it's a stupid amount of fun. It's a game about driving a jeep, and running over velociraptors! Also performing stunts, collecting drops, and damaging your vehicle, ideally stringing these all together to create a high score in the five minutes available.

Created by Flashbang Studios, incredibly it was made in only eight weeks. I've certainly never played a Flash game that felt this solid, and am still fairly stunned it can be played in a browser window. Featuring just enough physics to feel convincing, but not so rigid that it prevents fun (the jeep rights itself, and so on), it's just brilliant daftness. Hurtling off a cliff, taking a raptor with you as you go, then spinning, landing with a crash that removes your bonnet, before releasing the chain and spiked-ball from the back of your car to whip at a crowd of blue beasties... well, it's great. (I've got the 3rd highest ever! Go me!).

Now to try this in my housemate's car.

I'd say it's fairly impossible to just have one go. I mean, I've got so much I have to get done today. Really important stuff. But, you know, maybe one or two more games? Maybe I can get second highest?


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