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Reminder: Oleomingus Do Strange And Beautiful Work

Somewhere only we know

I feel like we should have an official policy on posting periodic reminders that the work Oleomingus are doing is strange and wonderful. While I draft the wording on that policy here's a non-scheduled reminder as the two-person studio is back to working on their sort-of-anthology game Somewhere [official site]:

This image is accompanied by a story about the fantastical periscope city where inhabitants are able only to view the world a storey above their current location.

It's a lovely oddity of a concept and reminds me of the delightful imaginary architecture you sometimes see at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition - particularly Thomas Hillier's The Migration Of Mel & Judith which was a world in a lampshade.

Here's a snippet:

"But even in the periscope city, people do need to visit the basement. Where they might have stored that old collection of newspapers or those spare switches.

"And since they cannot see into this bottom-most chamber they are required to dig a room right below it. And as time passes, this new room, the one below the basement, gets filled with clever buttons, and television remotes and spools of twine and a broken spade and old cassette players in various stages of disrepair. And much that the people would not want to possess but cannot yet discard.

"And then someone must once again dig a chamber below."

I'm also wondering if this is a visual pun on car horns or whether it's far more of a fantastical thing, ignoring linguistics and collapsing the gap between organic and mechanised transport. Or maybe you don't need a reason to put antlers on a car.

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