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OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns technically has over 30 million

Shoot spiders - like bullets, not with bullets

Borderlands pulled the "we've got millions of guns" trick over a decade ago, but OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns does it again only with sillier, more over-the-top results. I'm talking guns that fire spiders, guns that fire words, guns that turn out the lights, and guns that do all three at the same time while propelling you backwards like a jetpack.

Despite the variety, it's a slight game - but hey, it's also free.

Here's how it works: every gun you pick up with have a set of properties. A gun with the "Spider-Queen" trait will launch spiders, while a gun with the "Editorial" trait will launch words - actual text - at enemies. "Spelunking" makes it dark, "Big" just means the gun model is very large, "Golden" means it kills in one hit, and so on. Guns can then mix-and-match these properties, leading to you picking up a "Copious Big-Clip Wild-Shot Powerful Assault Rifle" or an "Epic Copious Powerful Spider-Queen Pistol".

OMFG was created by four students at DigiPen, an American univeristy that teaches game development, and in every other way the game reveals its small team. The levels you're running through are all barren and made of repeating grey metal textures. The enemies you're fighting look like something a middle aged dad should be presenting to Philippa Forrester. There's an obvious simplicity to it, structurally and visually.

But then there's also wall-running. I played OMFG for 30 minutes, and in that time I got a pretty good sense of its possibility space, such that I don't think the guns will surprise me again. But I had fun for those 30 minutes, running along walls, blasting away robots, and picking up the next word salad weapon. I think I could have 30 minutes more fun with it quite easily.

Which is just fine for a game that's entirely free. You can grab One Million Fatal Guns from Steam now.

Thanks to Craig Pearson for the tip.

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OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns

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