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Ominous Ice King brings a blizzard to Fortnite Battle Royale


Winter has come to Fortnite Battle Royale, with the mysterious Ice King breaking free of his sky-orb to coat the island in a layer of crisp snow.

I hate the cold, and therefore I am obliged to hate the Ice King, but I must admit it’s all rather pretty. Some players who witnessed the event captured it for the rest of us:

Cinematic shots, if you missed it. from r/FortNiteBR

Get out of the way, Ice King, I’m trying to appreciate the Northern Lights.

Not only is it snowy out there now, it’s also extra dangerous. Ice Fiends, which are zombies but also cold (so way worse) are spawning across the map, and new challenges revolve around killing them in various ways.

Players have also spotted a number of eggs hidden in Polar Peak. So far they seem unbreakable, leaving open speculation about what might hatch from them. My money's on lots of tiny Ice Kings who will emerge fully mature and form their own peaceful society, unbothered by the battle royale raging all around them. Most other people seem to think it's going to be some sort of dragon. Time will tell.

The regular-sized, flying Ice King graced us with his orb's frozen presence last patch, which also added a new revolver, a bunch of balance changes, and the ability to redeploy gliders again, sort of - only if you’ve got the item and even then only ten times.

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