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Tranformers: Thing Of The Thingy Footage

As we gear up for E3mania next week (our own queen of hearts John Walker will be out in LA attending the show for us), the video trailers will come thick and fast. With Kieron on holiday and Jim elsewhere on business for much of the next seven days, it falls to me to post most of the damn things. Oh, the terrible responsiblity. Will I stand or fall? Let's have a dry run now, with new footage of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game. Will I offer commentary upon it, or will I simply lazily paste the embed code and leave it at that? Only one way to find out...

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Yeah, it's got robots in. Bye!

Okay, okay. As you may or may not know, I have a head full of useless knowledge about Transformers in general, and despite largely successful attempts to grow the hell up, I can't resist a regular browse of a few RSS feeds to see what's what. Hence, I can probably name every robot in that trailer off the top of my head. Which is enough to mean that, despite how out-and-out horrible Traveller's Tales Transformers 1 game was a couple of years ago, there is no force on Earth that can prevent me from at least trying this one. This trailer looks surprisingly good, especially in the poppy-out weapons and showboating animations, but I can't help but note, as I worried a little while back, that the only stuff getting trashed is other robots and conveniently-placed explosive tankers. For the love of Unicron, destructible buildings are mandatory for this to work.

It does at least hint at a more of a focus on metal brutality and hopefully less cheerless driving from spot to spot, but we'll see. An impressive line-up of bots there though - with the Constructicon Long Haul (the big green lad towards the end) looking particularly impressive to mine eye. In fact, all told it looks a whole lot more stylish and exciting than the trailers for the movie, as it lacks Shia The Beef doing his bug-eyed, slack-jawed I'm-sensitive-but-strong routine or Bumblebee crying buckets of oil from his eyes.

Poor old Peter Cullen as voice-of-Optimus, though. There's a guy who needs a lozenge. Here's what he really sounds like, along with old chum Frank '80s Megatron/Nibbler from Futurama' Welker:

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And here's some explanation of the much-trumpeted multiplayer mode. It isn't giving a massive sense of how it really plays out, but talk of it having a team tactics element rather than being purely a one-on-one smashathon is encouraging:

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Finally, this guy explains how the combat and various different characters work, and why G1 fans will do a special wee:

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