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MotorStorm team's new racer Onrush looks smashing

Smashing, eh?

Codemasters tend to frown upon carfights, urging people to drive responsibly through their F1 and Dirt games, but their next race 'em up certainly looks smash-happy. Onrush is its name, and driving fast while smashing other vehicles is its game. It's made by the Codies studio formerly known as Evolution Studios, who made PlayStation racers MotorStorm and Driveclub before Sony closed the studio and Codies snapped up the team. Though Codies announced Onrush last year, they've been weirdly quiet about the fact that it's coming to PC too; I'd entirely missed that fact until this new trailer. Watch:

See? Fast vehicles, smashing each other. Codemasters gab about the game having eight vehicle classes, which not only drive differently but have different abilities. Some are offensive, Codies say without going into details, while others are support abilities to help out your team. Curious! I quite like silly abilities and violence in driving games, and racing in cargangs does sound a lark.

Though the trailer doesn't mention PC at all (neither does the game's site, nor any press releases from Codies...), it is coming our way. The console release is in June then, an official FAQ says, the PC version will follow "at a later date". They've mentioned this before in low-key places like tweets and blog comments, saying "we're just focusing on the console experience first." I assume that means the wait might be a while. Be a terrible shame if some PC gaming website were to shamble in and stir up that attention you're purposely avoiding, wouldn't it?

Codies picked the Evolution team up in 2016, shortly after Sony shut the studio down. They've been making racing games since 1999, all of them exclusive PlayStations until Onrush. I've not played any but I've heard the MotorStorm games are fun enough, gang?

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