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Ooblets locations: how to find gleamy Ooblets

Every Ooblet requirement explained

There are 40 Ooblets in the Early Access version of Ooblets. Finding all of them will take a lot of work in making items, but also locating and battling the enemy Ooblets.

Our Ooblets locations guide has all of the Ooblets we've found so far in the game and how to encounter them. It will also have all of the items required to initiate a dance battle and everything you need to know about the elusive "gleamy" Ooblets.

Finding a group of three Ooblets that want to dance in exchange for a Quib Tart..

Ooblets locations

Ooblets are most commonly found in Badgetown. They do not evolve, but they do get bigger as their levels increase. At the beginning of every day, you'll be shown a roster of Ooblets that will appear in town.

Some Ooblets won't appear in Badgetown until you spend 100 Wishies to add them to the random selection of Ooblets that turn up in Badgetown on a daily basis. These are shown to you at the beginning of every day.

There are a few that aren't found in the wild during the Early Access period of Ooblets, but are instead found during dance competitions. After you've reconstructed the dance barn, you'll be able to participate in a series of dance battles, though you can only enter a competition once per day. The rewards for completing the full series of battles include a rare Ooblet seed and a whole bunch of Wishies to spend in the wishing well.

In order to have a dance battle, you will need certain items in your inventory. We'll list the items you need in the table below, but making the items themselves requires some work. Check out our Ooblets item guide to get all the recipes needed to play.

OobletLocationItems required to battle
BittleStarter (Peaksnubs) Badgetown1x Peaksnubs Pickle
SidearmStarter (Mimpkins) Badgetown1x Mimpkins Metal Mallow
ShrumboStarter (Mossprouts) Badgetown1x Mossprouts Malt
TudStarter (Frunbuns) Badgetown Port Forward1x Frunbuns Hunbun
ClickyclawsBadgetown2x Floobtose
ClomperBadgetown2x Sweetiebeetie
DumbirbBadgetown2x Muz
FleebleBadgetown3x Sporbet
IsopudBadgetown3x Beanjuice
LumpstumpBadgetown4x Planklet
MoogyBadgetown2x Pompadoot Juice
NuppoBadgetown1x Flooti Karioka
OogumBadgetown1x Oodles
PetulaBadgetown1x Caroot Cake
PlobBadgetown2x Muz Flour
RadladBadgetown2x Hop Dob
SpuddleBadgetown1x Clambrosia
UnnyhunnyBadgetown1x Quib Tart
WhirlitzerBadgetown2x Ground Springbeans
WigglewipBadgetown2x Caroot
ChickadingdingDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
DooziedugDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
GlanterDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
Gloopy Long LegsDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
GrebunDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
GubweeDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
GullysplotDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
GumpleDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
JamaDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
KingwaDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
LegsyDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
MarshlingDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
NamnamDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
PantsabearDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
SkuffaloDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
SnurflerDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
TamlinDance Tournament or Friend rewardN/A
BristlebudMamoonia1x Quib
DerbleMamoonia1x Quib
FirmoMamoonia1x Quib
FrippMamoonia1x Quib
HermbleMamoonia1x Quib

A gleamy Ooblet tending the farm.

How to find gleamy Ooblets

Gleamy Ooblets are different to regular and "unusual" Ooblets. While unusual Ooblets are just a different colour, gleamy Ooblets have a sparkle to them that you can see when you find them.

Gleamy Ooblets also have an additional perk compared to the other versions of the same Ooblet. If you have them work in an Oobcoop, they have a small chance to give you the elusive Oobsidian item.

The good news is that there is no extra hurdle you need to go through to find gleamy Ooblets.

The bad news is that it is completely random when you find a gleamy Ooblet. They do have a slightly different colour to them when you get the daily preview of Ooblets that come to Badgetown.

Two teams of Ooblets having a dance battle.

How to fight Ooblets in dance battles

To start a dance battle with an Ooblet, you'll need to give the required item to the Ooblet in Badgetown or Mamoosha. Make sure you have given the items to the correct Ooblet, as this is important for later.

Once the challenge has been issued, you'll need to select a party the same size as your enemies. The goal of each battle is to reach a point target before the opposing team. Battles can last a while, but there is a turn limit depending on the type of dance battle. When the turn limit has been reached, the team with the larger point total wins.

Your squad takes it in turns to select cards to use. Teams use beats to pay for cards and use their effects. The cards currently available can:

  • Add points to your tally.
  • Steal points from your enemies.
  • Adds hype to increase how many points are given when playing cards.
  • Add fluster to decrease how many points are given when playing cards.
  • Stun your enemies.
  • Take a number of turns of standing still before an effect happens.
  • Add waste cards to either your own or opponent's decks for an effect.
  • Add beat to your beat total.
  • Add cards or take away cards from your hand.

Some cards that are played require the pictured Ooblet to be active (not stunned or otherwise occupied) before they can be used. These are signature moves and your Ooblets get access to more of them as their levels increase. Ooblets do not forget signature moves, but they currently learn a small number of signature moves each. Signature moves are powerful and can make the difference between winning and losing.

Should you win against a wild Ooblet dance team (one without a trainer), then you'll have the opportunity to console the opposing team (they're a bit upset about losing). If you do, you'll cheer them up and get a seed for the Ooblet type you challenged in the overworld. So if you encountered a wild Sidekey, the seed you'll get will always be Sidekey's seed.

Thank you for reading our Ooblets locations guide. I'm pretty certain that more Ooblets are on their way at some point, so do check back with our guide as the updates drop. Otherwise, you can check out our Ooblets guide for more tips and tricks.

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