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Open world detective sim Shadows Of Doubt will launch early next year

Watch the new trailer

An NPC holds his umbrella in the rain in open world city mystery Shadows Of Doubt.
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Shadows Of Doubt invites skepticism. It's an open world mystery game set in a city in which every resident is simulated with daily schedules and routines, and it's developed largely by a single person. Shadows Of Doubt has also fought my skepticism so far with playable demos and, now, a new official trailer. It sure looks like it's doing the thing.

Here's the "first official" gameplay video:

As a detective in a rain-slick, science fiction city, you have to investigate crimes. Every suspect - along with hundreds of other NPCs in the city - has their own name, job, apartment, routine. This means that how you investigate suspects is up to you. "Scan fingerprints, check call histories, read private emails, bribe citizens and watch CCTV, or pick locks, break down doors and sabotage security systems to investigate key locations," says the press release sent along with the trailer.

While you're exploring the city in first-person, there's a UI designed to help you organise the clues you find during your investigation. You can collect notes and ID cards, take pictures of crime scenes, and build a connected map of those clues with pins and string.

Having played a demo previously, the results feel like a blend between Quadrilateral Cowboy and Deus Ex. I'm extremely to get my hands on the full thing when it releases early next year on Steam.

I've wrapped "first official" in quotes up above because there are technically other, older and lengthy gameplay videos on the developer's YouTube channel. I guess those are... unofficial? They remain worth watching if you're hungry for a longer look at Shadows Of Doubt in action.

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