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Open-world puzzler Project S looks like The Witness meets Breath Of The Wild

Flying onto PC in 2023

Puzzles are fun. Exploring floating islands is pretty boss too. That’s why open-world puzzle game Project S, announced at the end of the Behaviour Beyond stream today, has me raising an intrigued eyebrow as I lower my pipe to peer from behind a broadsheet newspaper. “I say, that looks rather like Breath Of The Wild, but with bits from The Witness and a faint hint of Myst,” I declare to Watson. “Astute observation, Wheeler,” he replies, “but why don’t you have a proper look at the trailer below?”

Project S combines first-person and third-person sections in its hunt for puzzles.

Canadian devs Lunarch Studios say they’re setting out to make a “mysterious realm of logic and wisdom”. Project S, which I really hope finds a more distinctive title before release day, is set on a load of scenic floating islands full of various puzzles, which you can explore in first-person or third-person, and in solo or multiplayer. Also floating about are the puzzles themselves, little rotating cubes that open out into black-and-white grids, some with letter and number patterns to solve. It seems like there’s environmental puzzles to solve too, and you’ll take to the skies on funky energy wings to navigate between islands.

Lunarch’s open-world puzzle game was the final announcement from today’s Behaviour Beyond stream. Publisher Behaviour Interactive also revealed the surprise launch of murderous meet-cute Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim, along with their upcoming apocalyptic base-building FPS Meet Your Maker. Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker will dash into Dead By Daylight’s Resi-themed ‘Project W’ update soon too, as new killer The Mastermind.

Project S doesn’t have a release date beyond a general 2023 window yet, but Lunarch promised to share more details in the months ahead. I’ll let you know more when they do.

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