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Opening Time: Recettear Dated'n'Priced

Cast your mind back. Back! Back to the distant, murky, forgotten times of July 19-22nd 2010. Life was so much different then. We could have been anything that we wanted to be.

We were also talking excitedly about Recettear, the Japanese indie game that had you playing the owner of a cheerfully stereotypical RPG shop. All we had to go on was a demo. Now, we have a place in time in sight for the full version. Ho!

Translators Carpe Fulgur have been in touch to reveal that, rather frustratingly, they've had problems finding a distributor. To any distributors who decided not to distribute it: you should distribute it, you big bloody sillies. 10,000 demo downloads for a niche indie title from Japan! How can anyone sniff at that?

Fortunately, Stardock have provided a comfortable berth inside their Impulse platform. Recettear, funny, lovely, compulsive thing that it is, will be available around about September 10th, for $20, £13 or 15 Euro-coins. Subject to QA stuff, apparently. More details here.

Also, if you haven't tried it yet, worth pointing out they released an updated version of the demo a little while back, which predominantly sorts out some tech issues.

Review copy soon, hopefully. Sadly not in time to help while away the travel-time of my upcoming trip to Cologne for GDC and Gamescom, but never mind. I'll just have to read a book, or acknowledge the existence of other human beings.

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Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

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