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In Obsidian's Next RPG, Tyranny, The Villains Have Already Won

Who's bad?

Update: There's a trailer below now.

When Obsidian partnered with Paradox to release 2015's best RPG, Pillars of Eternity, I hoped there might be further collaborations. Obsidian's major releases, Pillars aside, have been spread between six publishers and the studio turned to Kickstarter knowing that a "day of doom" was approaching. Perhaps the relationship with Paradox and the success of Pillars has brought some stability because moments ago, Obsidian announced their next game at Paradox's GDC press conference. It's called Tyranny and it starts where you might expect a game over screen.

In Tyranny you play as a very bad person. Sort of. Maybe. You've certainly done some terrible things but depending on your choices, there might be a possibility of redemption.

The story begins where many games would end. Some time ago, an evil overlord sent his armies out into the world. Normally, in these situations, a fledgling hero steps up to the plate and grinds her way to demi-godhood by killing rats/goblins/orcs/ogres/demons until she can put a stop to the villain's nefarious plans. This time, there was no hero. Or maybe there were many but they all died horribly.

Whatever the case, the evil overlord's armies have conquered the world and the world is in a state of despair and disarray.

Your character is an underling in the overlord's organisation. A very important underling but an underling nonetheless. Your task is to bring order to the defeated peoples of the world, using swords, axes, bows, magic and a silver tongue.

It's set in an entirely new world. We'll take a closer look and have more details for you soon.

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