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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Kwolok: how to beat the frog

No... why?

It's fair to say that the boss fight with Kwolok is one of the sadder encounters of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps. As a sage-like figure, Kwolok guided Ori in this strange land, but now he's under the control of a big tentacle monster. It's not a fun time, but he does have a Spirit that you need to complete the quest and we'll tell you how to get it.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Kwolok guide

It feels a bit like that infamous part in Old Yeller, but someone has to deal with the rampaging toad. This guide will go through all the phases. There's a chase sequence to begin things, then the true fight begins, with the battle even going underwater after a while. He's a surprisingly difficult boss if you're not prepared for the sheer number of attacks.


How to complete the chase sequence

As soon as it is revealed that Kwolok is now under the control of the tentacle monster that pursued you during the Wellspring chase, you need to run away once more. Here are the steps to get past this chase sequence.

  1. Run left and use the bash ability to launch yourself to the ledge.
  2. Clamber up the now revealed path and jump over all the spike pits and puddles. You'll eventually see a pond.
  3. Dive into the pond, using the dash ability in the water to avoid getting squished. Follow the path.
  4. Launch yourself from the water to the right wall, then jump left and back into the pond.
  5. Dodge the fish and launch once more from the water, this time to the left. Keep going to enter the first boss phase.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Kwolok

Kwolok first phase

Running into a dead end, Kwolok will now begin attacking you. This is where the sole checkpoint is in this boss fight, so get ready for an endurance fight.

You will need to hit Kwolok rather than the tentacle monster to defeat them. The first attack will always be a slam onto the ground. If it is in the middle of the arena, it reveals some deadly spikes. They're at their most dangerous in this phase, so watch out as you leap from side to side. Thanks to the user "FeepingCreature" who points out that if you don't stand in the middle during this phase, Kwolok will never destroy the spikes.

My top tip for this phase is to stay above five energy cells if you can for healing at the end of this phase, but have the Light Burst or Spirit Arc equipped. The Light Burst is particularly effective against this boss as the burn damage will keep ticking away between shots. As you can see in the video at the top of the guide, this does a devastating amount of damage.

Kwolok has a lot of unique attacks, so let's go through the ones he can do in the first phase.

  • The tentacle monster can move Kwolok from side to side. If you see Kwolok laugh before rising sharply, get to either the wall or jump the gap. The slam does a fair amount of damage and it also creates a shockwave.
  • If you stay at his level, Kwolok can use his arms to swat you.
  • Keep one eye on the tentacle monster's arms. When they slam into the ground, arms will rise from beneath the surface to grab you. Dodge at the last second by looking for a kick-up of dust that appears.
  • When the tentacle lowers Kwolok and laughs, he'll slam himself into the ceiling, causing rocks to fall. Look for the tumbling pebbles to see where the boulders will fall.
  • He can also lash his tongue out, but you should be able to avoid that attack by moving and dashing constantly. There's not much of a tell for this so just be ready to dodge at all times.

Kwolok second phase

When his health is around half health, the tentacle monster will force Kwolok to rain water into the chamber with a sickly cackle. This is bad news because it means that healing using Regenerate is now impossible. If you want to restore your health, try to do so as he floats towards the middle and as he's looking down. It's also worth noting that the right-hand wall is now spikes, so not good for avoiding attacks.

The water will increase your mobility, but also means that you need to get crafty when attacking. Luckily, the energy crystal can still be burst by dashing underwater into it. This is the phase where I recommend firing fire arrows to attack him rather than go for melee attacks. His attacks also have a few additions.

  • When you're far away, he can spit dark matter. It's rather slow moving, so you should be able to avoid it rather easily while dashing underwater but it can't be fired back at him. He normally laughs before this attack.
  • Sometimes he will spit missiles that home in on you. You can bash them with the arrow pointing in the opposite direction from the boss, so that they fire into him for significant damage.
  • When the tentacle monster sharply drops Kwolok to one of two sides, get to the opposite side and out of the water. The tentacle monster will soon grab the wall on its opposite side, blocking those still underwater from getting out. Kwolok will then suck up anything in the water. This attack really hurts if Kwolok manages to gobble you up.
  • Thanks again to "FeepingCreature" who says that dashing away before you're eaten damages Kwolok. It also destroys the tentacles, giving life orbs to heal you.

Also, and this is a top tip for this boss, make sure you keep an eye on how much breath you have left. If you need to surface sharpish, use the dash skill to rise above the water to grab air quickly. Once he's defeated, climb the wall to the left, then the vines until you find Kwolok.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

With another Spirit obtained, it’s off to another area to fight another boss. If you have all of them, then you can make your way to the large door in the Silent Woods for the final showdown. We have more guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of life and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and tips for boss fights and chase sequences.


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