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Journey To Otherworld's Gorgeous Procedural Ruins

Beautiful, terrible things

Let's just get the obvious stuff out of the way upfront: 1) the sky is blue, 2) that flicker you always see in your peripheral vision is, in fact, an assassin like you've always suspected, and 3) Otherworld is almost blindingly gorgeous. The procedurally generated action-adventure across an alien planet is still early in development, but it's already carved out a place in my brain's heart, which is located just beneath the top of my right eyestalk. Oh, that reminds me: 4) I am a space alien. Very early footage below.

There's no sound or lighting in those videos obviously, but the concept is strong. Here's what the Otherworld team is aiming to have when it emerges from the craggy, tendril-laden organo-caves of game development:

  • Explore a procedurally generated world of alien biomes, dungeons, cities, villages, bandit camps, temples and ruins.
  • Fight in real-time combat against the native predators of Otherworld and other hostile enemies.
  • Craft and progress through tiers of technology, from wood and stone, to robotics, rocketry and bio-engineering.
  • Interact with the native race of Otherworld, the Cai and discover their religions, cultures, history, factions, and quests. Befriend the natives, hire companions, or make foes.
  • Discover the hidden mysteries of the Foreigners, and their strange influence and presence on Otherworld.

The whole thing is being put together by a small but obviously talented band of developers from all corners of the Earth - or at least the German, Swiss, Floridian, and Californian ones.

Otherworld's got that all-too-popular survival slant that all the kids are raving about these days, but I'm interested to see how this one turns out because it's already established such a powerful sense of place. Weird alien species and procedural generation don't hurt either.

That said, hate to break it to the developers, but I've already uncovered the mystery of the Foreigners. It is this:

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